New Releases & Upcoming Releases

New Releases & Upcoming Releases

for the Week of May 28, 2023

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2022-23 Bowman Chrome University Basketball: $229.00 per Hobby Exclusive!!!!

Releases on Friday 6.2.2023

This product offers a look at current collegiate players

complete with NCAA uniforms and logos.

Like baseball, it taps into the brand’s prospecting presence

complete with autographs and lots of Refractors.

It’s also one of the first releases with Victor Wembanyama cards!


Configuration: 12 boxes / 24 packs / 4 cards per pack


2022-23 Bowman Chrome University Basketball Box Break:

(2) Autographs

(4) 2009 Bowman

(2) Bowman Invicta

(3) Skyscraping

(1) Shimmer Refractors

(3) Refractors

(2) Additional Refractors or Image Variations



2022-23 Bowman Chrome University Basketball



The base set is 100 cards, all players from some of

the NCAA’s most prominent schools.


The parallel rainbow has more than a dozen colors and patterns.

Among them are:

Refractors – 1:6 packs

Pink Refractors – 4 per blaster box (retail only)

Shimmer Refractors – 1 per hobby box (hobby only)

Purple Refractors – /399

Purple Mini-Diamond Refractors – /399

Aqua Refractors – /299

Aqua Wave Refractors – /299

Blue Refractors – /199

Blue RayWave Refractors – /199

Fuchsia Mini-Diamond Refractors – /150

Pink Wave Refractors – /125 (retail only)

RayWave Refractors – /100

Green Refractors – /99

Green Lava Refractors – /99 (retail only)

Green Shimmer Refractors – /99 (hobby only)

Yellow Refractors – /75

Gold Refractors – /50

Gold Shimmer Refractors – /50 (hobby only)

Orange Refractors – /25

Orange Shimmer Refractors – /25 (hobby only)

Red Shimmer Refractors – /10 (hobby only)

Red Refractors – /5

Black Shimmer Refractors  1/1 (hobby only)

Superfractors – 1/1


Select cards also have Image Variations that swap out

the photo on the front for a different one.


Autographs and Inserts

Standard for virtually every modern Bowman Chrome release, Chrome Prospect Autographs are the main place to find signatures.

While not as many as the base set, there are still several parallels.


Prime Signatures is a standalone autograph insert.


Base versions for these have just 50 copies.

Orange Refractors (/25) and Superfractors (1/1) are also available.

A couple of standard insert sets take very different approaches to design.


2009 Bowman Basketball - (1:6 packs) takes it back to the brand’s last

NBA-licensed release that includes Rookie Cards of Stephen Curry,

James Harden and more.

The solid-colored backdrop returns for a new group of prospects.

Skyscraping goes bigger for its look and feel,

casting players against a city skyline backdrop.

Both have Aqua Refractors (/150), Orange Refractors (/25) and Superfractors (1/1).

Select cards also have autographs numbered to 99 with their

own Orange Refractor (/25) and SuperFractor (1/1) parallels.

Two other insert sets are only available in hobby packs.


Bowman Invicta (1:12 packs) comes with Lava Refractors (/150),

Orange Refractors (/25) and Superfractors (1/1).

Select cards have autographs that are numbered /99.


These also have Orange Refractors (/25) and Superfractors (1/1)!


The Big Kahuna returns as a case hit with 1:288 pack odds.

Orange Refractors (/25) and Superfractors (1/1) are the only parallels for these.

Some also get the autograph treatment.




2023 Bowman Mega Box Baseball: $65.00 per Hobby Mega!!!!

Releases on Wednesday 5.31.2023

The fact that 2023 Bowman Mega Box Baseball exists shouldn’t be a surprise.

But the addition of hobby to its distribution might be!

The patterned Chrome spin on Bowman Baseball has been around for a while now.

For several years, it was exclusive to Target.

Then it became wider but still primarily Retail-exclusive!

This time around, hobby shops are an option as well!


As usual, the Mega Box has a handful of basic Bowman packs.

But the real draw is the two exclusive packs in each box.


Configuration: 40 boxes case / 6 packs / 5 cards per pack


2023 Bowman Mega Box Baseball Box Break:

(4) 2023 Bowman Base Chrome packs

(2) Exclusive Mega Chrome packs


2023 Bowman Mega Box Baseball



While the hobby distribution might be new, the overall format of these boxes isn’t.

The Exclusive 2023 Bowman Mega Box Baseball packs offer a different spin on select base cards and prospects from 2023 Bowman Baseball.


This time around, they’re done on Chrome stock with the

distinct “Mojo” pattern running through the background.


In all, there are 100 base cards, 50 from the Bowman base set and

50 from the Prospects.


Parallels include:

Purple Mega Refractors – /250

Aqua Mega Refractors – /225

Pink Mega Refractors – /199

Navy Mega Refractors – /175

Blue Mega Refractors – /150

Green Mega Refractors – /99

Yellow Mega Refractors – /75

Gold Mega Refractors – /50

Orange Mega Refractors – /25

Red Mega Refractors – /5

Black Mega Refractors – 1/1



Select cards also have Image Variations.

One-of-One Black Mega Refractors are the lone parallels for these.


Autographs and Other Inserts

Chrome Prospect Mega Autographs lead the chase.

These are like their Bowman counterparts,

albeit with the Mega background pattern.

As a standalone product, the rainbow is also significantly smaller:

More ink is available with Chrome Rookie Mega Autographs (/99)

and Chrome Prospect Image Variations Autographs (/25).


A couple of standard 2023 Bowman insert sets get Mega Box spins, Rookie of the Year Favorites Mega (1:2 pacms) and Sights on September (1:4 packs)




2022 Donruss Optic NFL Football: $559.00 per Hobby Exclusive!!!!

Releases on Wednesday 5.31.2023

This product delivers (1) Autographed Card, (20) Rated Rookies,

(10) Parallels - (8) #'d and (4) Inserts in Every Box!

One of the most anticipated releases of the year, 2021 Donruss Optic is Loaded! with On-Card autographs, parallels and all the best Rookies the NFL has to offer.


Configuration: 12 boxes/20 packs/4 cards


2022 Donruss Optic NFL Football Cards Box Break:

(1) Autographed Card

(20) Rated Rookies

(10) Parallels - (8) #'d

(4) Inserts


2022 Donruss Optic NFL Football Cards



(1) Autographed Card in Every Box!


Rated Rookie RPS Autographs - Hunt for one of the most sought-after

autographs from this year’s Rookie class!

This card set features an On-Card autograph

combined with the classic Rated Rookie design!


Look for On-Card Rated Rookie autographs of Kenny Pickett, Malik Willis,

Desmond Ridder, Chris Olave, Garrett Wilson and

all the other top Rookies from the 2022 NFL Draft Class.


Rated Rookie Patch Autographs - Hunt for all the top Rookie talent

in this Rookie Patch Autograph, #’d/25!

Legendary Patch Autographs - Be on the lookout for Legendary Patch Autographs, a card set that features an autograph and a memorabilia swatch

from some of the best to ever do it!


(20) Rated Rookies in Every Box!


Find (100) of the top freshman in the iconic set, Rated Rookies.


(10) Parallels, (8) of them are numbered, in Every Box!


New! Look for Electricity and Jazz Parallels within the Base and Rated Rookies sets!


(4) Insert Cards in Every Box!


New! Find out how bright your favorite NFL star shines in Light it Up!

Mythical - Celebrate the legend of some of the biggest stars from the NFL’s present and future with the return of a fan-favorite

Hobby-Exclusive! Short Print, Mythical!

Downtown - Back for more, Downtown delivers one of the year’s

most unique designs!

Look for Veterans, Rookies, and Super Bowl Champions!


(1) in Every Case! (on average) Chase the elusive Gold Vinyl Parallel #'d 1/1!


Be on the lookout for another Hobby-Exclusive! Short Print in Rookie Kings, which features unique photography from some of the game’s biggest Rookies!

Be on the lookout for other All-New! inserts including Diamond Hands as well as the Short Print, Blazers!

Base Set - Collect a 200-card base set, featuring the biggest names in the NFL!




2023 Donruss Baseball: $129.00 per Hobby box!!!

Releases on Friday 6.2.2023

This product delivers (3) Autographed or Memorabilia Cards,

(24) Hobby-Exclusive! Holo Blue Parallels, (4) Independence Day Parallels

and (1) Liberty Parallel in Every Box!

Donruss Baseball returns in 2023 with a set full of top prospects,

Hall of Fame players, and legends of the game!


Configuration: 16 boxes/24 packs/8 cards


2023 Donruss Baseball Cards Box Break:

(3) Autographed Card or Memorabilia Cards

(24) Hobby-Exclusive! Holo Blue Parallels

(4) Independence Day Parallels

(1) Liberty Parallel



2023 Donruss Baseball Cards



(3) Autographed Card or Memorabilia Cards in Every Box!


Collect autographs from the future stars of the game and the legends that paved the way for the future!

Five autographs’ sets are available to chase with Monikers, Retro 1990 Signatures, Superstar Scribbles, Signature Series, and Classics Autographs!


Look for an array of inserts including Marvels, Bomb Squad,

and New! inserts like Mr.3000 and Cooperstown!


Marvels - Anybody watching is in for a treat when these players are on the diamond, true Marvels of the game!

Bomb Squad - Who doesn’t love to hear the crack of the bat and watch a ball fly into the stands for a home run?

These players made that happen, a lot!

This set includes some of the best sluggers in history!


New! Mr. 3000 - What needs to be said? This set includes legends who have collected 3,000 hits in their legendary careers!

New! Cooperstown - The best of the best who have been enshrined in the Hall for the rest of time!


These players left their mark and have been immortalized in greatness!


Pennants - Being one of the top two teams means you

have a special group of players.

These players helped bring the Pennant to their ballpark and their loyal fans!


Hunt for the Ultra-Rare! “The Mick” insert along with Naturals, Whammy, and Superstar Skylines!


Rated Prospects includes a 60-Card Set of minor league players

working their way up to the big club!




2023 Topps Series 2 Baseball:

Hobby box $99.00      Jumbo box $219.00

Also sold by the pack!

Scheduled Release Date 6.7.2023

2023 Topps Series 2 Baseball picks up right where the previous set left off.

That means a continuation in some areas and some fresh content in others.


Above all, though, it’s a continuation of the season’s flagship release,

which brings with it plenty of widespread hobby clout.


Hobby Configuration: 12 boxes / 24 packs / 14 cards per pack

Jumbo Configuration: 6 boxes / 10 packs / 46 cards per pack


2023 Topps Series 2 Baseball Box Break:


(1) Autograph or Memorabilia Card

(1) Silver Pack



(1) Autographs

(1) Memorabilia Cards

(1) Manufactured Relics

(2) Silver Packs



2023 Topps Series 2 Baseball


Like Series 1, the base set is another 330 cards bringing the overall 2023 Topps Baseball checklist up to #660.

Collectors can expect lots of rookies that, if going by the preview images posted by the card maker, include players making their

MLB debuts in the early parts of the season.

Seeing as how Series 1 and 2 go together, there are also a good number of veteran players left out of the first release.


Future Stars and Team Cards both return as well.


Select cards get the acetate treatment with scarce Clear parallels. Numbered to 10, these are only in regular hobby packs.

“Luke the Cardist” is adding some original art to some base cards as well for new Art Card parallels.


Each of these is a One-of-One.


HTA jumbo is the lone place to find them.

The Golden Mirror Variations are also back,

offering scarce SSP image variations for all 330 cards.



2023 Topps Series 2 Baseball continues to look back on the

1988 flagship set for its 35th anniversary.

The standard 1988 Topps Baseball inserts get 50 new cards, each using the main base design as their inspiration.

There are also 50 1988 Topps Baseball All-Star cards,

which opt for the subset layout.


All Aces returns for a new batch of cards highlighting pitchers

with a playing card-inspired design on foil stock.

Tough Heavy Lumber cards are back as well.

These spotlight sluggers with cards done on woodgrain stock.


2023 World Baseball Classic features 60 players

who competed in the pre-season tournament.

Parallels include Blue, Black (/299), Gold (/75), Red (/10), Platinum (1/1) and Autographs (/25) for select cards.


Looking to the past is Legends of the Game!


These have the same parallels as WBC cards including autographs.

Other insert sets on the 2023 Topps Series 2 Baseball checklist include

Significant Statistics, which highlight advanced stats standouts, and Favorite Sons, a set dedicated to players who made their

MLB journeys through their home states.


One of the manufactured relic themes is Father’s Day Commemorative Team Patch.


Autograph versions top out at 25 copies each!


2023 Topps Series 2 Baseball Autographs and Memorabilia Cards

Most of the standalone autographs and relic themes on the 2023 Topps Series 2 Baseball checklist carry over from Series 1.


Baseball Stars Autographs take an all-encompassing approach

and have Black (/99), Gold (/50), Red (/25) and Platinum (1/1) parallels.

Baseball Stars Dual Autographs are scarce with no more than five copies a piece.


Major League Materials take a similar wide approach

with uniform and bat swatches.

Black (/199), Gold (/50 or less) and Red (/25 or less) are among the parallels.

Autographed versions are also available, each with print runs of 50 or less.


1988 Topps Baseball Autographs and 1988 Topps Baseball All-Star Autographs include On-Card signatures, something there aren’t a lot of in the flagship release.


The retro design also has relic counterparts.


Topps Reverence Autograph Patch cards is another place for hard signatures. Like usual, though, they’re Exclusive to hobby and HTA jumbo packs.





2022 Panini ONE NFL Football: $339.00 per Hobby Exclusive!!!!

Scheduled Release date 6.28.2023

This product delivers (1) Autographed Card Enclosed in a Security Sealed One-Touch Holder in Every Box!

An industry favorite returns and once again, All autographs in Panini One will be Signed On-Card from the top NFL rookies, legends, and current stars!


Configuration: 20 boxes/1 pack/1 card


2022 Panini ONE NFL Football Cards Box Break:


2022 Panini ONE NFL Football Cards



(1) Autographed Card Enclosed in a Security Sealed

One-Touch Holder in Every Box!


RPAs featuring a custom embossed card stock, On-Card autograph and oversized patches, these Rookie patch autographs will be a prize for all collectors!

Featuring the top Rookies of 2022, Square One Autographs is a

truly unique RPA that features four prime patches, ALL #'d/99 or less!


Premium Rookie Patch Autographs returns and features the top NFL rookies

on a beautiful acetate stock, adding an extra appeal for all collectors.

Designed with signatures framed perfectly between two patches,

Formula One Autographs feature signatures from stars such as: Michael Vick,

J.J. Watt, Kam Chancellor, Jalen Hurts, and top Rookies from this year’s class!


The One Man Show shadowbox autographed set includes top veteran and legendary players like: Barry Sanders, Lawrence Taylor,

Justin Jefferson, Aaron Rodgers and more!

The One Up Autographs sets can’t-miss, colorful design features autographs from stars across the NFL’s past and present including ones from Dan Marino,

Chris Carter, Ed Reed, Terry McLaurin, Odell Beckham Jr., and more….


New! Hunt for the insert “Presenting” featuring a fresh design with

each player’s unique gridiron nickname, max #'d/99 or less!


Chase the Brand-New! insert, Oneders Autographs, in 2022 One Football!


This card set features On-Card autographs of some of the

most prestigious players in NFL history!

Be on the hunt for the Brand-New! SSP Insert, Surge!

This set features some of the NFL’s biggest stars

and Rookies on a sleek, metal card!




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